To ensure conformity and ease of uptake by actors for the ELMS, the developer will strive to create key links between the existing systems and what will be provided under the agreement

The systems to be integrated  will include: ELMS, Payment Systems, Cisco Webex, subscription/billing and in-house accounting system.


The exercise will be tentatively launched on………….(date) at venue to be confirmed ,with all system stakeholders present.

The main aim of the launch will be to sensitize stakeholders of their expectations as well as to address any fears that may come along with the implementation of the ELMS application.

The general public shall also have a chance to find out how the application will be of assistance to them.


The tools and equipment used for the Biometric Registration include:

  1. Laptops-Windows 10 Pre-installed
  2. Mobile Tablets (Android Based) with GSM and WIFI connectivity
  3. Server Hardware (Specification in Annextures)


The key deliverables would be the following:

  • Map and recruit students to online platform
  • Develop, install and implement Mobile based tools
  • A service map of current experiences & design opportunities

Train, deploy, monitor and supervise the ELMS

  • Systems Assessment – Current state assessment of the MIS systems on the ground and the ELMS experience.
  • Recommendations – A roadmap towards a proposed future state of a holistic student centered approach focused on keeping the student informed, engaged and glued to the ELMS.

Digital Marketing for platform on online social platforms with quick links to access portal.

Frequent disbursement of relevant content to subscribed users, whitepapers and newsletters to mailing lists, notifications to phones via sms with link to online channel.