Savanna Sales Management system is an integrated eco-system for managing the sales processes from inception: ie product management, customer management, sales process, invoice generation, order delivery and receipting.

The sales management system is generic and can be used in diverse work-spaces for wholesale, retail, distribution and as a sales management tool for field workers: when amalgamated with the mobile field app.

Stock Manager has dynamic usage scenarios. Every business will certainly find it useful in Managing  your sales, invoices, quotations, payments, products, customers, suppliers etc.


Our training on the proposed software will be broken down into three separate target groups i.e. the:

  1. Operators / end users
  1. Systems administrators
  1. Management

We propose that each class of trainees be limited to 10 for quality training output.

The training shall cover a maximum of 48 hours, subject to the trainee’s availability throughout this period and their ease of understanding.

The training will cover the following areas for the individual user groups:









Operators Training on the daily usage of the software i.e.



 Data preparation, input documents, adds, edit, delete, view etc.

Inquiries on existing data

System messages & error reporting procedures

Controls of the system

Validations and verifications


Biometric Data capture

Systems administrator(s)

 Training on the daily usage of the software i.e. data preparation, input, deletion and report printing

Administrator functions Maintaining the Parameters and security settings.

Maintenance of data e.g. documentation and periodic end processing like end of day, month etc.

The error prevention and disaster recovery procedures of the applications


Enquiries and Report printing

Controls on the software

Exception case reporting