• Reception:

receptionist logs in and adds patient data

-if patient exists,she can add an appointment which kicks off the workflow
-patient cards also printable here
-appointment contains crucial info about patient,doctor/dentist/clinical officer attending to them and time of appointment
-appointment can be for cash patient or insurance
-receptionist also clicks on “visit doctor” to enable patient to continue on
  • Nurse:

Takes triage and forwards patient to c.o/doctor
  • Doctor/dentist:

-clicks on procedures to assign consultation or any other procedure to patient
Performs history of illness,checks physical ,ent,respiratory issues
-performs diagnosis
-assigns medication via the “provide medication tab”
-the invoice is auto generated and appended at the end of the page
-doctor may also assign lab procedure to patient
  • Lab:

The laboratorist may perform associated lab procedure on patient by selecting “Add diagnostic procedure”
-results can be uploaded onto the system or integrated with lab machines
  • Radiology:

Similar process to lab
  • Pharmacy:

Logs in and selects:provide medication
For pharmacy bills that are not included in hospital bill,select “pharmacy module” and login with pharmacy@hms.com and same password
-this opens up the pharmacy Pos and inventory module where walk-in customers are billed and hospital inventory managed
  • Accountant

-receives payments based on pending invoices/bills and issues receipts plus discharge  if needed
-also has reports of payment’s
  • Admin:

Has all administration functions:user management
-adding hospital procedures  etc
System may also be integrated with our accounting system